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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where is Landrum Field? We are unable to see the name on the map.
Reply: Landrum Fields are on the Tawawa Park & Landrum Map. The fields are located across the stream (to the north of Tawawa Park) It sets back behind the Flannigan Softball complex. To reach this area by car you would drive past the Tawawa Park entrance a 1/4 of a mile on St. Rt. 47 turn into the right and follow the drive to a parking lot north of the softball fields. You will see the soccer fields from that lot.
The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem....
Will the offside rule be enforced in the 7v7 matches?
Bensar Mayfest Committee answer is based on the USSF & FIFA small sided games and our instructions given to the referees handling these matches is as follows:

3 referees are used in U10 games and Offsides is enforced.

There is no offside foul in U8-U9 7v7 matches. Therefore, do not call offside. There is an unsporting behavior foul for obvious “cherry picking” behavior defined as a player in the goal area in front of the goal when the play is in the other half and then receives a pass. Please observe a narrow interpretation of this rule.

The following is the rule by FIFA & USSF:
FIFA & USSF - U8-U10 Special rules:

FIFA & USSF Law 11 – Offside: None - If the Referee determines that the offside infraction was Intentional and Obvious, he/she may signal for an indirect free kick for the defending team. The intent is to ignore offside. However if a coach is encouraging a player to remain in the opposing penalty area, shield a goalie or gain advantage by abusing Law 11 then the Offside infraction could be called. The Referee’s decision is final.
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